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Lawton Independent Business Alliance

Why does Lawton need an Independent Business Alliance?

Shop Local Campaigns

To date, no organization in Lawton has taken it upon themselves to pursue a shop local campaign, despite small businesses in other cities clearly benefiting from theirs.  Campaigns like Shop Local, Eat Local, Grow Local, and Bank Local are proving effective in invigorating local economies in other towns.  It’s time we got the word out on what’s available and why consumers should shop independent!


With so many new national chains moving into Lawton, a discussion of the benefits of shopping at independently owned local businesses has never been more timely.  Large companies and national chains can take care of themselves, and often do at the expense of small business.  It’s time to make the case to Lawton residents for why and how shopping locally owned does so much more for our town in the long run!


Individual business owners have been at a disadvantage for many decades now as large corporations successfully lobby state and federal governments for costly regulations that kill smaller competitors who cannot pay hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars towards compliance.  Even on the local level, our city council has not demonstrated sympathy for small business, focusing instead on bringing in national chains and raising property taxes until independent business owners can no longer survive.  We’re excited to tell you that together, we can turn Lawton around.