What is LIBA?

The Lawton Independent Business Alliance (FIBA) is an initiative by and for our local, independently-owned businesses and our neighbors working together to grow and strengthen the economy and community of the greater Lawton area, while enhancing and preserving its unique character.

Our Mission:

To help our community prosper in all areas by supporting local independently-owned businesses through education, networking, advocacy, and involvement of residents.

National Movement:

The Lawton Independent Business Alliance is just one of many local business alliances across the country. To find out more, click on the link to the American Independent Business Alliance.



  • To educate our neighbors about the benefits of patronizing and supporting independent, local businesses.
  • To facilitate cooperative advertising, marketing, public relations, and educational opportunities for our business members.
  • To build recognition and trust in the LIBA name.
  • To facilitate relationship building among local businesses generally and create a unified voice regarding the issues that affect these businesses.