Why should you join LIBA?

We are an organization for Lawton and surrounding area businesses interested in a stronger and sustainable local economy.

Building relationships and developing strong networks are essential to the success of your business. Share your experiences and learn from other entrepreneurs. Practice pitching your business. Receive support and encouragement from other people who understand the joys and challenges of sustainable entrepreneurship. Be a part of the movement to develop healthy & strong local economies!

What are the benefits of membership?

 What We Do

Help Lawton and surrounding area (Comanche County) businesses thrive, through:

  • Promoting “shopping local” to the community
  • Connecting / networking among members and other small businesses
  • Workshops and Resources
  • Member Promotion
  • Building government support of independent business

Shop Local Initiatives

Inform, inspire, remind, and make it easy for the community to support local businesses.

  • Online directory of independent businesses
  • Advertisements
  • LIBA Express (print, web, e-blast)
  • Movie theater previews
  • Billboards
  • Bus shelters
  • LIBA local spending and rewards card with LawtonBucks
  • e-Newsletters
  • T-shirts & Bags
  • Window posters
  • Tables at fairs, festivals and other events
  • Searchable online gift guide for the holidays – members can put several items in the guide (2017)
  • Hosting discussions & movies about the local economy
  • National Shift Your Shopping campaign
  • Articles and interviews with local newspapers and radio
  • $20,000 worth of shop local advertising during the holidays (2017)

Member Networking and Connecting – Locally Inspired 

LIBA hosts and partners with like-minded organizations to offer networking opportunities throughout the year. We strive to ensure that each mixer offers both inspiration and practical value. We offer events at different times of day to accommodate varying schedules. We also make a point of proactively connecting members to each other for specific partnerships.

Member Workshops

Determined by member interest, we bring in experts or partner to provide discounts on workshops on topics such as

  • Social media and marketing
  • Business development
  • Professional development
  • Social responsibility and sustainability

Member Promotion

  • Promoting individual members to each other and the community
  • Ability to post announcements, coupons and deals in several places at once:
  • LIBA Facebook
  • LIBA Website and Directory
  • Promote products or services in our Holiday Gift Guide (Online)
  • Opportunities for discounted ads in local media
  • Member highlights in our e-newsletter
  • Expo and vendor opportunities

Building government support

LIBA works with local government agencies to encourage support of independent business. We also support campaigns by the American Independent Business Alliance, of which we are a member.







  • At least 50% of the business is locally owned
  • Decision-making authority is vested in the local owners and not subject to conditions dictated remotely
  • The business has a limited number of outlets (6) and physically resides within Comanche County, Oklahoma
  • Receives Full Business Membership
  • Dues: $139 per year


Non-Profit members are those members who meet the requirements of LIBA and have a Full Business Member sponsor (including paying dues).

Businesses that do not fit the full membership qualifications, but wish to support the mission of LIBA.

  • Dues: $49


Individual residents who would like to be a part of fulfilling LIBA’s mission.

  • Dues: $29